Review: THE CONCERT KILLER by R J McDonnell

The Concert Killer

RJ McDonnell

isbn 978-0-9814914-5-5

Published by Kileena Publishing Scranton, PA

308 pages

Reviewed by Marlene Pyle

This is the third novel in the Rock & Roll series, again featuring former band member and mental health counselor, Jason Duffy. Now a private investigator, Jason staffs his office with past clients from his days as a therapist, and they are a quirky but lovable crew.

The son of a gruff retired cop, Jason comes naturally to the field of crime fighting, but he doesn’t always see eye to eye with his old-school, traditional dad. Jason’s also recently begun living with his school teacher girlfriend, Kelly, and they don’t quite have all the kinks in their relationship worked out yet.

But Jason’s got bigger problems. The novel opens with the murder of a young woman in a restroom at a concert arena. When it becomes evident that a serial killer is picking off victims at local concerts, the concert promoters hire Jason to track him down, but some of the businessmen seem more worried about their profit margins than the safety of their customers.

The murderer is a misguided religious fanatic. He keeps score of his kills on the back of a dollar bill and leaves taunting clues at the scene of each brutal crime. As Jason gets closer to identifying the killer, his own life and those of the people he loves may also be in danger.

Fast paced and full of action, this is a well-told story set in the glamourous world of high-dollar rock and roll.

Copyright 2011 Marlene Pyle

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