Review: DYING FOR A DANCE by Cindy Sample

Dying For A Dance

Cindy Sample

Published by L & L Dreamspell

ISBN 978-1-60318-427-4

263 pages

Cover price $16.95

Reviewed by Marlene Pyle

You’ve got to love Laurel McKay, the main character in Cindy Sample’s novel, “Dying For a Dance.” Laurel is a divorced mom in her late thirties who works in banking by day. In the evenings she’s taking ballroom dance lessons to prepare for her best friend’s wedding. But there’s more than just the foxtrot going on in the dance studio.

When two of the dance instructors are murdered, Laurel is quickly drawn into the hunt for a killer. Her boss is one of the prime suspects, so she needs to clear his name, and it doesn’t hurt that she has the hots for the hunky lead detective either.

Laurel is funny and sarcastic. With a blade being held to her throat, her first thought is that “nobody better move, especially me.” Her second concern is that her captor had just called her fat.

Backed up by Laurel’s loving but highly critical mother, her gay work assistant, Stan, and Tom, the cute cop, the cast of characters is packed with humor. “Dying” is a light-hearted romantic comedy sure to please female mystery fans.

Copyright 2011 Marlene Pyle

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