Review: FEVER DREAM by Dennis Palumbo

Fever Dream

Dennis Palumbo

Poisoned Pen Press


342 pages

$14.95 (soft cover)

Reviewed by Laura Hartman


The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in Dennis Palumbo’s latest Daniel Rinaldi novel. Fever Dream finds psychologist Rinaldi on the hot plate when he is called in by the Pittsburg PD to help the only survivor of a bank robbery gone bad. Treva is so traumatized she is unable or unwilling to communicate with anyone but Rinaldi.

Things go from bad to worse as shady politicians, kidnapping and death circle around Rinaldi. Nothing comes easy in this case, especially when half of the cops on the PD resent the consulting psychologist and his theories.

Stirring in ex-girlfriends, former patients and the possibility of a new love interest thickens the plot as things become more and more complicated. The fast-paced action makes this novel a real page turner, but take the time to appreciate the beauty of Palumbo’s writing. Descriptions like “…spreading tendrils of Interstate 76 reaching delicately into furrowed valleys…” are gems found throughout the book.

Fever Dream is Palumbo’s second in his Daniel Rinaldi Mystery series, following Mirror Image. I have not read the first in the series and found Fever Dream fine as a stand-alone novel. Because it was well written and intriguing, I am looking forward to going back and reading the first in his series.

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