Review: TWIN SPIRIT by Matthew Thompson

Twin Spirit

Matthew Thompson

Paperback: 292 pages

Publisher: Domino Galaxy (1 Oct 2011)



book Published by Domino Galaxy for Smashwords

218 pages

Reviewed by Diane Grace


A book, a spell, and a moonlit night allow twins separated at birth to speak to each other for the first time. Lily, a primitive spirit trapped on Earth from the time she was born with no means to make herself heard or felt, is used to disparaging her living twin with no effect. She is totally amazed when her sister, Rose, reads a spell that reveals Lily to her. Lily convinces Rose they must go to the distant world of Kiian to find their mother, the only one that can separate them so Lily can have a life of her own. There just one slight hitch. Neither humans nor primitive spirits are allowed in the alternate galaxy called Domino where the girls must go to find their mom. And the dangerous journey begins. The girls meet those who would help them as well as those who would harm them.

Twin Spirit is an interesting read despite the somewhat disjointed method of delivery. Once the actual journey begins we get the back story of every new entity the twins encounter. It makes for an abrupt stop every couple of chapters while we learn another history.

The main protagonists of this story are reputed to be nine, shortly to be ten. It is my understanding that, typically, readers prefer the main characters to be a little older than themselves which would make the average age of the reader eight to nine. Yet a good deal of the novel is written in a more mature style than that age group would indicate. I would put it in the category of young adult if I had not been told the ages of our heroes in the first chapter.

I no longer quibble about typographical errors, it’s in too many professional publications to be worth the page space to complain. I will say the ebook version of Twin Spirit contains its share.

If your tween likes alternate universes, scary but not graphic violence, she may well like this book.


Copyright 2011 Diane Grace


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Alternate Worlds, Fantasy, YA, Young Adult

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