Review: THE LOVER by Laura Wilson

The Lover

Laura Wilson

Felony and Mayhem Press

ISBN: 978-1-934609-88-0


321 pages

Reviewed by Amanda Capper

The Lover is a very good read with the added titillation of being a BOAT (Based on a True). This book revolves around The Blackout Ripper and will entice any fan of true crime to research further, if for no other reason than to see just how much in common The Lover has with Jack the Ripper.

Set in London during the Second World War, the story centers on three characters; Lucy, a young woman reaching maturity during uncertain times; Rene, a prostitute constantly living under a threat of local violence; and Jim, an Air Force pilot who becomes the love interest of Lucy. The author writes in the first person for each of these characters and does an excellent job of keeping the voice of each character distinct. Laura Wilson also does an excellent job of suspense, tying the characters together at crucial points of the story and giving the reader a very good idea of what motivates both victim and murderer.

The Lover also reminds us how darn good we have it these days. If our cable goes down, or our internet speed slows, we think we’re hard done by. But black-outs were routine during the war. In order to decrease targets for enemy planes, all lights were extinguished and Londoners were expected to head for air raid shelters under ground. Where they sat and listened to the bombs fall, wondering all the time if the bombs would fall on their homes and any loved ones who didn’t make it to an air raid shelter in time. Add to these fears the horror of someone attacking and mutilating the most helpless of women and you have an account of a whole city on the brink of insanity.

It is a can’t-put-down, up-all-night type of book because you want/need to know what happens next to these three main characters, as well as the secondary characters woven into their lives. As with any good book, when the end comes, you want more. Guaranteed to send the reader into research mode.


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