Review: THE GLENDALE WITCH by Deborah Winter-Blood

The Glendale Witch

Deborah Winter-Blood

ISBN-10: 146108265X



271 pages

Reviewed by Amanda Capper


The Glendale Witch, the debut novel from Deborah Winter-Blood, sent me on a magical mystery tour with a cast of characters so endearing I missed them as soon as I finished the book

Shortly after Celeste McAllister’s seventeenth birthday, her iguana starts talking to her. Kind of freaks her out (as to be expected), but it’s what the iguana tells her that really sends Celeste’s world spinning out of control. Celeste is a witch; the iguana, her familiar and before she can wrap her head around that mind-boggling idea, her roommate, Ashley, falls in love with a Satyr and is promptly whisked away by a minion of the monster Glor. But the minion made a mistake. Glor has no interest in Ashley, it’s Celeste he wants, and after all sorts of adventures in her attempt to save her roommate, Celeste is captured.

Who makes it out of this underworld? Celeste? Best friend, Ashley? Love interest, Jason? How about the Satyr? And what about the mother Celeste never knew, held captive all these years by Glor? Must read to find out.

The dialogue is genuine; the banter easy and funny. The pace is steady and certainly never dull. A good, entertaining read.


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