About Us

If you want to find out what determined us to establish TheGenReview, you have come to the right spot! Keep on reading to know about whom we are, our mission and motivation.

Our story starts a few years ago when we were only a couple of graduate students who had a little time on their hand. We had no other choice but to choose professional assistance for some of the upcoming assignments we had.

Unfortunately, at that time, we couldn’t find any legit reviews on writing services. So we ended up paying for poorly written papers that evidently didn’t belong to expert writers.

That was a negative experience we didn’t want any other students to go through, which is how TheGenReview appeared. Our mission was to create a professional, reliable website that presented accurate essay writing service ratings students could depend on.

We know that students pay a lot for professionally written papers, which is why they should get what they pay for. We wish to help students choose the companies that deliver the services they need. Thus, our reviews aren’t written at short notice. On the opposite, we rate the best writing companies depending on what they offer. We also present our readers our own experiences with the services, so that they know what to expect.

We evaluate the writing quality of the writing, the security of the payment methods, the assistance of the customer support, the user-friendliness of the website, and customer feedback. On that note, instead of relying entirely on what you read on a company’s website, take the time to scan our reviews – you have nothing to lose!