Essay Writing Services That Let Us Down

When the exams are near, and you need a little bit of help with your projects, the last thing you will do is read customer reviews about writing services. This is why you are doing yourself a disservice. Now is the right time for many scamming services to strike desperate students that are rushing to get their projects done.

In this review, we will look at a couple of essay writing services that didn’t provide us with quality products. We urge you to read this article so that you won’t get in trouble on your exam day.

1. WriteMyPaper4Me

WriteMyPaper4Me review

This essay writing service offers academic papers, and it is based in Los Angeles, CA. After looking on their site, we noticed that there were some spelling mistakes here and there but we decided to order an essay from them anyway. After two weeks, they delivered the paper on time, but the quality wasn’t good.

It was written by someone who is not a native English speaker as it was full of grammatical and mechanical errors, much like the site. The customer support was great, but the WriteMyPaper4Me prices were high. There are also coupon codes for five percent off. What a great deal! Steer clear of this one, folks.

2. EssayDune

EssayDune review

This essay company offers academic papers only and provides services like editing and proofreading. We ordered an essay, and when we received it, we were amazed by how many grammatical and spelling mistakes the paper contained. It was obvious that the writers’ first language is not English.

While the EssayDune testimonials say that this company offers quality material, we think that many of those reviews are biased. The customer support was friendly, the prices below average but we didn’t receive a coupon code. To be eligible for a discount, you would have to place an expensive order. Avoid this service!

3. EssayAce

EssayAce review

The company is based in the UK and promises quality academic papers for students at all levels. After checking the site, we saw that it had a lot of composition mistakes and some grammatical errors, which raised plenty of questions. The same type of errors was found in the sample essays and the paper we ordered.

We knew that the writers weren’t from the UK or any English speaking countries. The EssayAce prices are okay, and the discounts are more than decent. All in all, while the service isn’t a fraud or scam, it isn’t great, and we do not recommend it.

4. StableWriters

StableWriters review

Here, you can find academic papers at decent prices. However, the StableWriters rating is low because of what we received. We ordered a simple essay, and not only that it was delivered a day late, but the quality was also atrocious. Even with all the grammatical mistakes, this site receives good reviews. We wonder why…

The customer support is terrible, and there are no discounts. The reason why anyone would use this writing service is beyond us.

5. WriteMyEssay4Me

WriteMyEssay4Me review

This service will write academic papers for high school and college students so you can get pretty much everything you need. However, when we received the paper we ordered, we found out that it was sub-par, from a quality perspective. The writing wasn’t on a college level but more for high school.

The grammatical and spelling errors were multiple; at least the deadline was respected. The WriteMyEssay4Me prices are a little bit high, and there was no promo code or discounts. Stay away from this service.


So these are the services that let us down. While some have excellent prices, the quality is absurdly low, and we do not recommend them to anyone.