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Review: CHOKE by Kaye George


Kaye George

Mainly Murder Press, LLC


214 pages

$14.95 (soft cover)

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

Kaye George has a recipe for success with her Imogene Duckworthy mystery Choke. Imogene – Immy to her family and friends – quits her job working for at her slimy uncle’s diner in hopes of following her dream to become a private eye. How hard can it be? Immy watches PI shows on TV and even reads The Moron’s Compleat PI Guidebook for tips and tricks of the trade.

She jumps into her new career with both feet in mismatched shoes when Uncle Huey turns up murdered and her mother is the main suspect. Immy breaks her mom out of jail and they go on the lamb while Immy searches for the real killer. The sharp contrast of Hortense’s propensity for ten dollar words when discussing everyday things and Immy’s new PI lingo made me laugh out loud more than once.

This quick cozy is entertaining and often tongue-in-cheek. Subtle jokes make me chuckle like Immy’s late father’s name, Louis and her Uncle’s name Huey. All we need is Dewey and we have all three of Donald Duck’s nephews. Very fitting names for a Duckworthy family. Immy’s daughter is named Nancy Drew Duckworthy, again perfect for the daughter of a want-to-be detective.

Stephanie Plum needs to watch out for the new PI in town, Immy has all the charm and the right touch of zaniness to take over as top duck with her mixture of armchair detection and just enough knowledge to get herself in trouble without even trying. Mix in the small town cast of characters, a couple of possible love interests that popped up in Choke and we are on the way to books that readers can’t wait to get their hands on next in the series.


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