Wish to have your book reviewed?

If you would like to see an honest review of yourgenre fiction book here at The GenReView, here are some things you need to know:

  1. At this point, we mainly review print books: trade paperback, mass-market paperback or hardcover.  A few of our reviewers have e-readers, but not all of them, so your chances are lower of getting an ebook reviewed.
  2. We only review books by request within six months of their publication/release date (before or after.)  The reviewer may choose to review a book that is older than that, but it’s totally up to the reviewer.
  3. It’s up to you to supply the reviewer’s copy of the book if you are requesting a review.  Some of our reviewers have been asked to buy their own copy.  Sorry, but that won’t happen.
  4. Whether the review is favorable, middle-of-the-road, or unfavorable, we will publish it.  That’s one of the dangers inherent in asking anyone to review your book: they may not like it.
  5. We do not review anything with overt sex (that means lots of sex talk, erotica, graphic rape, graphic scenes of hetero sex, lesbian sex, homosexual sex, sex with watermelons, etc.)  I want to FIRMLY reiterate this.  Recently I had someone who thought depictions of the sexual act with graphic descriptions of what went where, and the associated moans and groans, would be OK.  It’s not. That’s erotica, at the very least.  If you think your book might have something that is objectionable to us, do us the favor of checking with us first before you waste a copy of the book plus the shipping costs.*
  6. No book is guaranteed to be reviewed.  That is up to the reviewer, but we make every effort to review books that are submitted for review.
  7. About Unsolicited Books: If you send a book to us for review without checking first, we are under no onus to review it. Understand that, please.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First of all, most of the reviewers do NOT live close to me, the site owner.  That means if I receive a book first, I would have to re-ship it somewhere else to have it reviewed.  Bad for my wallet and bad for my carbon footprint.  So generally, it simply isn’t going to happen, but rather the book will either be added to my private library, or donated.  If you’re going to ship it anyway, why not ask us first so you can send it directly to the reviewer?  Secondly, sometimes we get really busy and things pile up.  It’s better to check and see how busy we are, and if we have a reviewer available for your book.

* About “gay fiction”: I really don’t care if your protagonist is gay, lesbian, bi, transgender or even straight/heterosexual.  How that person interacts with others at a relationship level is his or her business.  That being said, this site may review fiction, even romance fiction, but it will not review anything where the physical act of sex is portrayed openly on the page, no matter what the variety.  I’m making this statement because I’ve been taken to task about not wanting to review a book with gay sex in it.  The fact that the sex was not heterosexual in nature has nothing to do with it.  In my opinion, a soldier, knight errant, firefighter, doctor, nurse or grocery store checkout person can fulfill their entire function in most well-written novels without showing me what happens when he/she gets naked with someone. For example, I don’t need to know about the sexual activities of a detective if the primary purpose of the detective in the book is to track down the killer and bring justice upon him or her.  If the book is focused on the detective’s sex life, then there are other, more appropriate review sites for it.  OK?  Thanks for understanding.

Reviewers have these responsibilities:

  • To give the author(s) of the book a fair shake by actually READING the book.
  • To form their own opinions and give them honestly, rather than using someone else’s ideas about the book.
  • To review every book fairly and honestly, whether written by friend or enemy, unknown or literary superstar.
  • If the book has problems, to name the problem(s) specifically, with examples.  Conversely, in the places where the book shines, to make note of those places as well.
  • To state in clear, jargonless terms what they think of the book.  That means a “Joe Everyman” sort of review, not a literary review about the deep philosophical symbolism of the empty inkwell and the death by strangulation with the victim’s own argyle socks.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed here, you should contact the Editor and let him know of your desire for a review.  In the email, you should give a short synopsis of the book, telling when it was published, by whom, what format (mass-market PB, trade PB, etc.) and so forth.  If a reviewer for that book is available, the Editor will contact you by email to let you know where to send the book.