Who are the reviewers?

Here is a list of our reviewers, in no particular order.  Feel free to contact the ones whose names are linked with an email address.

(If you read a recent review by someone who is not listed here, they probably just haven’t sent me a bio yet.)

Ron Smyth: Ron is a single male, fifty-eight years old, who cuts trees for a living and reads books for pleasure. He averages reading a book about every two days and has done so for the last fifty years or so, predominantly mystery and history. He “tried to write but never managed anything that I would let anyone see.” He prefers harder edged books over cozies but a good writer can make anything interesting.

Dorothy Francis: Dorothy writes mysteries for both adults and children.  She belongs to MWA, SinC,  SCBWI, and Key West Writer’s Guild.  She has 4 mysteries on Amazon Kindle and a new hardback coming out in June 2011, entitled Killer In Control.

Laura Hartman lives in Illinois with her husband and spoiled black Lab. By day she is an administrative analyst, by night she writes and dreams of giving up the day job to write full time. Her work has appeared in Flashshot, Eclips Ezine and Penwomanship Magazine. Short stories are available in Tree Magic, a Sunshine Press CD Anthology and on http://www.sniplits.com. Watch for the release of A Woman’s Touch: 11 Short Stories of Murder and Misdemeanors on http://www.amazon.com in 2011, which includes her short story “Crazy”. When not writing or reading, she spends her free time with her three sons and vacationing near the ocean.

Kevin Tipple : When Kevin is not creeping out his neighbors, annoying his family or writing fiction that does not sell, he reads and reviews for a number of places in print and online.

Larry W. Chavis: Larry is a 54-year-old high school physics and mathematics teacher who spends his spare time reading, shooting black powder firearms, and writing. Besides writing short fiction, he also reviews books. He has had stories and reviews published in Crime and Suspense and TEN FOR TEN, as well as non-fiction in other venues.

Marlene Pyle: Marlene is a wife and mother who works in healthcare and welcomes her frequent bouts of insomnia because it gives her time to write. Her work has appeared in Caregiver magazine, All You, and Quick & Simple, as well as Crime and Suspense and Prodigal Son Magazine. She writes book reviews for a local newspaper and the vast majority of her son’s college essays.  (Marlene was one of Tony’s creative writing students for five terms.)

Agnes Dee: Agnes is happily retired from advertising and lives with her husband among the cornfields in the Midwest.  Her stories have appeared in Crime and Suspense, FlashShot, and Flashes of Speculation.

Amanda Capper lives in Ontario, Canada, with her musician husband and their mangy mutt.  She works, reads, writes and reviews full-time but every now and then she stops and actually carries on conversations with complete strangers.

Gray Bridges: Gray is both a rabid reader and a writer, although she seldom foams at the mouth.   She and her husband recently completed their new home, and are very happy to be settling in there.

Sue Ann Connaughton is a former corporate librarian. She writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Her work has appeared in the South Boston Literary Gazette, American Tanka, Modern English Tanka, Computers in Libraries, Intelligence Insights, You and Me: America’s Medical Magazine, and Underwired Magazine.

Von Pittman: Von is a university administrator and professor.  He writes fiction in order to atone for his other writing, which is academic and obscure.  One of his mystery stories won the 2008 Missouri Writers Guild Short Story competition, in spite of having been published in a trade journal for educational bureaucrats.

Karoline Barrett lives in Connecticut with her husband. Besides her two sons and writing, she loves traveling, the beach, reading, and the New York Yankees. Her long fiction has been published by Wild Horse Press and her short fiction has appeared in Read-A-Romance; Flashshot; True Love Magazine; Bent Pin Quarterly; The Storyteller; Slow Trains Literary Journal; and Long Story Short. Her non-fiction has appeared in Brazzil; Dovetail and The Jewish Magazine. Her poetry has appeared in The Helix and A Time of Singing.

Tony Burton: Tony is an author of both fiction and non-fiction, and the chief editor of Wolfmont LLC, a small-press publishing company.  He is the founder of the Crime and Suspense ezine, Vice President of the Southeast Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America (SEMWA), and lives in NW Georgia with his beautiful wife, Lara.